ColloidFit Downloads


The ColloidFit Manual explains how analysis and simulation is done. The Manual also includes a “Step by step User guide” in order to help the users to run their first fitting project. The latest version of the Manual can be found hereDOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.22253.23520.

Executables: ColloidFit V.1.3

ColloidFit is build for maximum compatibility, fastest results possible, and beautiful graphical interface. The software is mainly written in Java 8. However, the numerical analysis and necessary number crunching routines are coded in Fortran. The fitting process is handled by the cutting-edge software Pest.

The user interface is written in Java and compiled by Netbeans 8.1 using java jdk1.8.102. Both Windows and Mac OSX installer files already include the Java Runtime libraries. Consequently, there is no need for the Java runtime to be locally installed in the target OS nor the user needs to download anything from online. Please read the JavaFx license before using the ColloidFit software.

The current ColloidFit version V.1.3  is characterized as beta. Therefore, there is a good chance that small software glitches can be found. If you feel that you need additional help or you found a bug, please do not hesitate to email us at

There are available installers for Windows and MAC OSX. Tested operating systems include Windows x64 Vista, 7, 8, 10. For the Mac OSX systems it has been tested with Mac OS 10.9 mavericks. There is no reason why more recent Mac releases would not be compatible with ColloidFit V1.3

Windows version can be downloaded from ColloidFit_Wx32x64_V.1.3.1.exe

Mac OSx version can be downloaded from ColloidFit_Mx64_V.1.3.1.dmg 

Older versions

At the moment only the latest CollloidFit version is avaialble for download. Older versions can be provided up on user request from the authors.


Windows version  ColloidFit_Wx32x64_V.1.2.1.exe

Mac OSx version  ColloidFit_Mx64_V.1.2.1.dmg


Windows version ColloidFit_Wx32x64_V.1.1.1.exe

Mac OSx version ColloidFit_Mx64_V.1.1.1.dmg


Windows version ColloidFit_Wx32x64_V.1.0.2.exe

Mac OSx version ColloidFit_Mx64_V.1.0.2.dmg