Former Students

Ph.D. Students


[11] THEODOSIA V. FOUNTOULI, Fate and behavior of pharmaceuticals and nanoparticles in the subsurface (Τύχη και συμπεριφορά φαρμάκων και νανοσωματιδίων στο υπέδαφος) (2022). [Full Disertation]

(U Patras)

[10] VASILEIOS E. KATZOURAKIS, Three-dimensional transport and cotransport of pollutants in porous media (Τρισδιάστατη μεταφορά και συμμεταφορά ρύπων σε πορώδη μέσα) (2018) [Full Disertation]

[9] VASILIKI I. SYNGOUNA, Inactivation and transport of biocolloids in porous media (Αδρανοποίηση και μεταφορά βιοκολλοειδών σε πορώδη μέσα) (2012) [Full Dissertation]

(UC Irvine)

[8] J. MATTHEW THOMAS, Acoustically Enhanced NAPL Ganglia Mobilization and Dissolution in the Presence of Colloids (2009)  [Full Dissertation]

[7] ROBERT ANDERS Virus fate and Transport During Field-Scale Infiltration (2006) [Full Dissertation]

[6] ERIC T. VOGLER, Acoustically Enhanced Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Remediation in Porous Media (2003) [Full Dissertation]

[5] SCOTT C. JAMES, Polydisperse Colloid Transport in Fractured Media (2001) [Full Dissertation

[4] KENNETH Y. LEE, Dissolution of Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Pools in Saturated Porous Media (1999) 

[3] TAE-JOON KIM, Mass Transfer Correlations for NAPL Pool Dissolution and Investigation of Cosolvent-Water Displacement in Porous Media (1998)

[2] YOUN SIM, Virus Transport in Physicochemically Heterogeneous Porous Media (1997)

[1] ASSEM ABDEL-SALAM, Modeling of Contaminant/Colloid Transport and Unsaturated Flow in Fractured Media (1995) 


M.S. Students

(TU Crete)

[15] MARIA P. GEORGOPOULOU, Effect of graphene oxide on biocolloid cotransport in water saturated porous media (Μελέτη επίδρασης του οξειδίου του γραφενίου στη συμμεταφορά βιοκολλοειδών σε κορεσμένα πορώδη μέσα) (2018). [Full Thesis]

[14]  NIKOLAOS  SOTIRELIS, Investigation of graphene oxide interactions with kaolinite in batch and flow through water saturated packed-column experiments (Μελέτη αλληλεπίδρασης οξειδίου του γραφενίου και καολινίτη σε πειράματα διαλείποντος έργου και κορεσμένης στήλης) (2016) [Full Thesis]

(U Patras)

[13] STAVROS BALIOUKOS, Experimental study of nonaqueous phase liquid transport in two-dimensional porous media (Πειραματική μελέτη φαινομένων μεταφοράς μάζας από υγρά μη υδατικής φάσης σε δισδιάστατα πορώδη δοκίμια) (2012) [Full Thesis]

[12] VASILEIOS E. KATZOURAKIS, Numerical modeling of biocolloid-colloid cotransport in three-dimensional porous media (Αριθμητική μοντελοποίηση συμμεταφοράς βιοκολλοειδών-κολλοειδών σε τρισδιάστατα πορώδη μέσα) (2012)  [Full Thesis]

[11] ANDRIANA F. ARAVANTINOU, Inactivation and Attachment of Viruses in the Presence of Soil Particles with Different Size (Αδρανοποίηση και Προσρόφηση Ιών σε Εδαφικό Υλικό Διαφορετικής Κοκκομετρίας) (2011) [Full Thesis]

[10] POLIXENI Ν. MITROPOULOU, Colloid Transport in Unsaturated Porous Media (Μεταφορά Κολλοειδών σε Ακόρεστα Πορώδη Μέσα) (2011) [Full Thesis]

[9] PLEGA CHRISTINA, Experimental Study of Contaminant Transport in Porous Media (Πειραματική Μελέτη Μεταφοράς Ρύπων σε Πορώδη Μέσα) (2009) [Full Thesis]

[8] MAROUPAS DIMITRIOS, Investigation of Acoustic Waves Effects on the Coagulation of Aqueous Phase Colloid Concentrations (Mελέτη Επίδρασης της Εφαρμογής Ακουστικών Κυμάτων σε Διεργασίες Συσσωμάτωσης Κολλοειδών Διασπορών) (2009)  [Full Thesis]

(UC Irvine)

[7] J. MATTHEW THOMAS, Acoustically Enhanced Colloid Transport in Saturated Porous Media (2005) [Full Thesis]

[6] KENT M. PUMPHREY, Non-Aqueous Phase Drop Formation and Migration in a Uniform Water Saturated Fracture (2002) [Full Thesis]

[5] TANYA K. BILEZIKJIAN, Colloid/Contaminant Co-Transport in Porous Fractured Media (2001) [Full Thesis]

[4] MATTHEW W. BAO, Nonaqueous Liquid Pool Dissolution in Three Dimensional Heterogeneous Subsurface Formations (2001)

[3] PIN-YI  (CINDY) HSUAN, Determination of Mass Transfer Coefficients for a Dissolving Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Pool in Porous Media (2000)

[2] MICHAEL E. TATALOVICH, Enhanced Aquifer Remediation of DNAPL Pools Using Dissolved Humic Substances (1998)

[1] KENNETH Y. LEE, Numerical Modeling of Contaminant Transport from Dissolution of Stagnant Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Pools in Groundwater (1994)

Undergraduate Students (Theses)

(TU Crete)

[46] ALEXANDROS ARNOGIANNAKIS (2020) [Full Thesis]

[45] ANTHI STEFANAROU (2020) [Full Thesis]

[44] DIMITRA FASOULETOU (2020) [Full Thesis]

[43] GEORGE PAMFILIS (2018) [Full Thesis]

[42] KLEANTHI I. KOURTAKI (2018) [Full Thesis]

[41]  VALENTINOS  S. LOUKOPOULOS-KOUSIS (2018) [Full Thesis]

[40]  ALEXANDROS  A. PAPAIOANNOU (2017) [Full Thesis]

[39]  GEORGIOS  I. GIANNADAKIS (2017) [Full Thesis]

[38]  MARIA GEORGOPOULOU (2016) [Full Thesis]

[37]  NIKOLAOS  SOTIRELIS (2014) [Full Thesis]

(U Patras)



[34]  MARIA STERGIADI (2009) [Full Thesis]



[31]  DIMITRIOS MAROUPAS (2006) [Full Thesis]


[29] VASILEIOS BOUBOURAS (2006) [Full Thesis]

(UC Irvine – Independent Studies – Honors)

[28] CECILY C. STOREY (2004)

[27] JO ANN DACANA (2003)

[26] JULIO  S. FERNANDEZ (2002)

[25] JOSE R. VALLE (2000)

[24] JOSEPH ELKAYAM (2000)

[23] DANIEL L. ELIAS (2000)

[22] MATTHEW W. BAO (2000)

[21] KENNY T. NGUYEN (2000)


[19] ROBERT T. HAN (1998)

[18] VINH N. TRAN (1998)

[17] RAMIL C. PARIAL (1998)

[16] THOMAS A. JELENIC (1998)

[15] PIN-YI HSUAN (1998)

[14]  JEN P. CHEN (1998)

[13] MIN S. LEE (1998)

[12] OLGA REYES (1997)  

[11]  STEVE Y. SUNG (1997)

[10]  MICHAEL  BERMAN (1995)


[8]  THAI T. NGUYEN (1995)

[7]  JUNE K. LOREMAN (1995)

[6]  JAIME  A. FINK (1994)

[5]  NIVEEN S. TADROS (1994)

[4]  SAMAN  JILANCHI (1994)


[2]  JUAN B. OSPINA (1993)

[1]  KENNETH Y. LEE (1992)